Our Story

Bittel Heritage Meats is a local Kentucky pork company spanning back 3 generations. Anthony G. Bittel Sr. started farming in Daviess County, Kentucky in 1938. 30 years later, not long after his youngest son, Tony Jr., was born they started raising Yorkshire & Hampshire hogs as part of their farming operation. The family Began making sausage together each Christmas to gift to Friends. This became a family tradition and the sausage was a hit amongst those who tried it. Today, Tony and his son George (III) continue the legacy through Bittel Heritage Meats. They raise grain-fed, Kentucky proud hogs that continue to be bred and raised with the same dedication and care that Tony Sr. First brought to the operation. Over the years, the quality of the pork has been demonstrated through numerous grand champion county fair wins, culminating with a Kentucky State Fair Champion Yorkshire in 2015. They pride themselves on providing lean cuts, which is the base and key component to a great pork dish. Whether you're in your own kitchen or dining out, the Bittel Heritage Meats' mission is simple... to provide high quality, safe products that bring friends and family together to create their own traditions.